Tuesday, June 26, 2012

four year old photos and a before and after

I finally got around to taking Micah to the Railroad Museum for his 4 year old photo shoot! Only 2.5 months late, I'd say that's pretty good considering we moved the weekend of his birthday! He loved the train museum...you can see some more photos from his session on my Photography Website and there's a link there to see all the photos on facebook! Here are just a few of my favorites!
 This is SO Micah. He loves trains and baseball. He HATES loud noises and you can also see the trademark dark spots in the back of his hair!!

 He did this pose all by himself. I had him sitting there with his arms crossed, I stepped back to get a different angle and he put his hand up. Such a cool kid!
After Micah and I got back we were all playing outside and I suggested that we cut Naomi's hair. She was all for it. Greg was not. But we decided to go for it and cut it. I cut off quite a bit but wasn't able to save it for Locks of love since I wasn't planning on cutting off as much as I did...

 This is the look I normally get from her...
 then she was nice enough to smile for me.
Professional hair cutter I am not...but I saved us about $25!! 
And she loves it so that's all that matters to me!

She leaned up against the tree and said "mom, take this one". Little miss photogenic! My beautiful girl! I can't believe she's gonna be six in 3.5 months!!!

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