Thursday, June 21, 2012

father's day

We had a great day on Father's Day! We got an unexpected visit from my parents the day before (which happened to be my dads birthday) and they stayed until Wednesday morning! So, not only did I get to celebrate with my husband but also with my dad!!! I took some photos of the kids in their Father's Day shirts before we went to church. You can see my tutorial on how I made these shirts here.
 After church I wanted to get a photo of the kids with Greg...Hannah was not having it. She screamed and squirmed and Greg just put her down, you can see how she was having none of it...

But as soon as everyone left she crawled up on the bench and said "cheese". What a stinker!!
 So, we had a beer-themed Father's Day and Greg said he LOVED it. He said these were his favorite shirts that I've made and I have to agree!! I loved going with a theme and hope to be able to do that again in the future!

 The kids filled out a couple of surveys and drew pictures of themselves with dad...

 This "simple." shirt came from the very talented Danielle at In Stolen Moments. You've got to check out her cute hand printed kids shirts too!!
 I got him the things he needs to make two different 2 gallon "kegs" of beer.
 And I made him this 10x20 beer poster. This idea came from an etsy shop, I just recreated it and sized it how I wanted it. I'm not selling it so I figured that was okay...right? I had it printed at my lab and mounted on 1/16 we just need to find a good frame!

Greg loved the beer themed Father's Day and I loved being able to show him how much we love him as a daddy on his special day!!

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