Thursday, May 10, 2012

danika and allie

Well hello there! It's been over a month since I've been around here. While life doesn't slow down for anyone, I've done more than normal in the last month, including move, travel and continue to grow the little person inside! We've been blessed and love our new home, had a great visit with family and friends and I'm in my second trimester and feeling great! While we were on vacation I had the priviledge of photographing my cousins two sweet little girls. These little ladies kept me on my toes and as Heather said, I'm glad I wore my tennis shoes! Danika is one month older than my oldest daughter and it was really fun to interact with her. Allie is a little spitfire and there's never a dull moment around her, when I was with her I think I got a glimpse of what my little Hannah will be like when she gets older. We had a great time checking out rocks, running through the forest and jumping off benches (don't worry I left the jumping up to the girls). No tears were shed, but lots of laughs were had and I think I captured some of Allie's silly faces and Danika's sweet smiles. Heather, thank you for trusting me with capturing this precious time in the life of your girls. They were so much fun to run around with and it will be an afternoon I won't forget! I hope you are pleased with the images I was able to capture!! I had fun working with a few different types of edits so I hope you like the effect I chose for each image. Here's a sampling of what I captured! JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-50 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-63 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-91 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-95 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-148 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-106 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-113 JTPhotography-DanikaAllie-28

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