Friday, January 13, 2012

snack time

{Jackson, TN Lifestyle Photography}

I love capturing the everyday moments in life. I want to make sure that I take time to capture some of the everyday moments in the life of this little family. Hannah loves to eat, there are not many things that she won't eat. She LOVES her graham crakers and I'm so glad because that ends up being my go-to snack for her. She tends to get a little crabby/restless when she's hungry so I just put her in the highchair and give her a cracker and then I'm able to finish whatever I might have been working on before she insisted that I hold her :). The light was good the other day and I wanted to get some photos of her new tooth so I started snapping away and got many great captures of this everyday moment. Just be warned that this is an image heavy post! Enjoy!

This is the "give me a cracker lady" face. IMG_3087-122 Hannah wcracker

Hannah.2 Hannah.3 And this is what I call Hannah's "stink eye"...I think she wanted her cup at this point. Hannah.5 Hannah.6 Hannah4 IMG_3158-188 Hannah.7 She is such a sweet little girl! So blessed to have her in our lives!!! IMG_3165-194 And I'm pretty sure this is the best shot I got of her teeth! 15 months old and 2 teeth! Hopefully she'll keep em a long time then!IMG_3161-190

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