Monday, January 23, 2012

my kids

{Jackson, TN child photography, family photography}

I couldn't believe it when Micah asked me to take his picture with his sisters before church on Sunday. I couldn't believe it when Hannah willingly sat down with her brother and sister and had her picture taken. I couldn't believe that everyone got along, had a great time and actually enjoyed a quick mini photo shoot before church. It was SO cute because Hannah would sit down next to them, I'd take a few pictures and then she came over and looked over my shoulder to see the image on my screen. She gets it. I know that she gets more than I give her credit for but its just fun to see what she gets. She would then go and sit down someplace else, thus all the different arrangements of the kids. I took a bunch of photos in a span of 5 minutes and got some great snapshots. It was pretty dark so I had to use the flash! So don't judge. Really would love to invest in a lens that would allow me to NOT use my flash! Are these BEAUTIFUL portraits that will win me accolades? By no means. Are these portraits that will grace the covers of magazines? Not a chance. Are these snapshots of my kids at this point in our life that I will treasure forever. ABSOLUTELY. Here are a few of my favorites...and then some pretty good outtakes after the good ones!IMG_3276-165-2 IMG_3262-151-2

IMG_3273-162 IMG_3280-169

LOVE this one. Hannah's like, who are you people! IMG_3261-150

I told them to squeeze close together...not exactly what I meant! IMG_3274-163

Make sure to take pictures of your kids when the moment strikes.

They may be grainy, have flash shadows, and not prize winning portraits. But they will be cherished and treasured for YEARS to come!

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