Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a handmade christmas - part 3

I showed you these dresses yesterday, they were part of the package that I sent to our friend the Kings. They have seven children, two of them are our godchildren and since I knew I was going to be making at least one dress and one tie shirt I figured "since it's early enough (it was october when I started) I might as well make something for all the kids" and I am actually surprised at myself that I got them done and mailed BEFORE December even started! yay me! Y'all better write down that I was early once on your calendar because it may never happen again. Anyway, I made those three dresses, then I also made dresses for my girls and one for my niece Kiley. Then when I realized that I never gave Emily her birthday present I figured I'd make her a matching skirt (she's 13). I also made these same dresses for my other nieces but just got them in the mail to them yesterday! So, in total I made 8 dresses and one skirt with this same fabric (oh and one doll, which I'll show you tomorrow). I think you can tell how much you like a certain fabric if you work with it over and over and don't get sick of it. I really like this fabric but I'm ready to move on! I got some really cute fabric for a new dress for Hannah that I'll show you tomorrow! IMG_1472-118

Here's grandma and her girls!IMG_2793-410We tried to throw Hannah and Kiley into this huge basket for a photo, we knew it wouldn't really work but thought we'd give it a try!! Can't wait to use that basket for some newborn shoots! IMG_2796-413 Here are all the cousins in their matching outfits! All the boys wore their shirts to was so cute! IMG_2775-392Silly faces! IMG_2784-401Emily was such a trooper, I had to go buy elastic while in Indy and I purchased the wrong kind so her skirt had to be pinned! Pretty cute kids hey?! IMG_2789-406 Tomorrow I will show you the dolls I made for Hannah and Kiley!

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