Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a handmade christmas - part 2

I love to make tie shirts. It's one craft that is simple and easy to do yet has a great impact. I know that they may go out of the crafty world soon, but I don't care. Micah loves wearing them and I think it makes him look so handsome and dressed up while he's still comfortable and not complaining about wearing a tie. I've had grown men at church tell me they would like to wear a tie shirt...well, yeah, I would too, if there was a t-shirt dress for women that still looked dressy but felt and fit like a t-shirt I'd be all over that! So, here are four of the tie shirts I made. One for Michael, Noah, Andrew and Micah. IMG_2801-418 Maybe I should have made one for grandpa too! IMG_2808-425 I also made one for my cousin who just had a baby, and one for a custom order. And these tie shirts and dresses below were for our friends family. So in total I made 10 matching tie shirts... IMG_1474-120and I'll share the dresses tomorrow!

I can make some custom tie shirts for your little man...just check out my etsy store or send me a convo for more info! IMG_0604-4 IMG_0607-5

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