a handmade christmas - part 1

Monday, January 16, 2012

For the past four or five years (since I've really gotten into sewing and crafting more) I've been determined to have a "handmade Christmas". I've wanted to make all the Christmas gifts that I give. I know that's not always possible, especially when we pick the names of our brothers-in-law...still don't think they want handmade items from us, but for the most part I've tried to make as many gifts as I can. Not only does it save us money but to me it's fun and much more personal. I think I'll share all the things I made throughout the week so it's not crafty overload all on one day.

First up are the superhero capes I made for two of our nephews, Noah and Andrew. I saw the idea on pinterest and just made it my own. The capes are made out of t-shirts that just have the front and the sleeves cut off. These are super easy for the boys to put on themselves, no more asking more to tie the cape on! The top mask part is just one of the sleeves with eye holes cut into them. I made the letter and lightning and all the other stuff on the back out of felt. I think Noah and Andrew liked them but it was hard to really tell amidst the many other gifts that were being opened at our family Christmas celebration on New Year's Eve. I took some photos after the fact with the boys wearing them, but Noah wasn't feeling good and Micah really wanted to be in the photos even though he didn't have a cape, guess I'll have to make one for him! So, here's the first installment of "A handmade Christmas"



IMG_2816-433 IMG_2814-431

Time for a superhero pose...poor Noah was feeling so icky!IMG_2818-435 Those tie shirts will be up tomorrow!

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