Thursday, December 08, 2011

santa baby

Last year I had a sweet little newborn on my hands for the holidays. My sweet friend Katherine sent me an adorable santa hat, diaper cover and booties for Hannah...and I took photos of Hannah in the cute little ensemble...but I don't think I ever shared those photos. for shame. So to make up for not sharing these photos for a year I'm going to share an obscene amount of photos of sweet little santa Hannah. Because it's my website and I can if I want to. Because I couldn't choose just a few. And because she's just that cute.


IMG_4068-8 IMG_4073-13 IMG_4086-26 IMG_4063-3 IMG_4074-14 IMG_4093-33 hmmmm.... IMG_4103-43 I had to share this because this is still the face she makes when she gets really upset. It's funny how some things never change. IMG_4119-59 Who's going to break it to Hannah that girls can't win the Heisman? I guess you gotta have goals right? IMG_4136-76 Shocked? Surprised? Cold? IMG_4135-75 IMG_4148-88 IMG_4141-81 IMG_4155-96 ehhh.... IMG_4165-106 IMG_4183-124 and the hat falls down again... IMG_4184-125 IMG_4189-130 Thanks again Katherine! I hope you have a cute little Santa hat for some pics with Frankie...if you want to borrow mine just let me know :)

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