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Monday, December 05, 2011

{Jackson, TN Lifestyle Photographer}

Our church has a Christmas Tree lot. It's a pretty well known fact. In fact when we try to tell people what church we go to, a lot of the time people say "oh yeah, the one with the Christmas tree lot." They will know our church by the tree lot. The trees come all the way down from Michigan, there are three varieties and 3-4 different sizes of each. Our faithful tree lot worker even made the front page of the Living section of the Jackson Sun. We decided (with a little extra prompting by Greg) to go ahead and get a live tree this year. I'm always afraid I'm going to kill it and don't want to be responsible for such a tragedy. We went the day after Thanksgiving and picked out our very first LIVE Christmas Tree. This seven foot Douglas Fir has been gracing our home for just short of two weeks now and it's still alive! Micah keeps wondering how tall it's going to grow!;)

We got the tree in the morning, had some lunch, put Hannah down for a nap and then put the ornaments on. The kids were so excited and I don't think Naomi stopped smiling all day. "I love smiling. Smilings my favorite" Name that movie!!??!! When we would give Micah an ornament to put on the tree inevitably we would hear it hit the ground. After the first (and only so far) broken ornament we made sure to let Micah only touch the non-breakable ornaments. He just didn't really get the concept of where to hang the ornament so it wouldn't fall off the brance. Hannah woke up and love what she saw. She loves to pull the ornaments off the tree but she hasn't broken any yet. She actually has done a good job of leaving them alone for the most part. Every evening I may have to re-hang two or three but really she's not messing with them too much.

Here are some photos from our first live tree experience! IMG_1313-31 IMG_1318-36

Hannah sat in there with the tree...she wasn't sure what was going on.IMG_1320-38 IMG_1321-39 IMG_1327-45 IMG_1333-50 IMG_1335-52 IMG_1340-57 We let Naomi put the angel (that my grandma made) on the tree and of course the other kids wanted to climb on the ladder too. Don't worry the angel did not stay like that! Triptych IMG_1353-70 IMG_1366-81

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