christmas card photo shoot

Friday, December 09, 2011

This photo shoot was a team effort, I had asked my Aunt to take some photos of us after our Thanksgiving feast so we would have a current photo for our Christmas card. The camera was in her hands, Greg's hands and my hands. I think the group effort turned out great. I wanted to make sure to be in some photos with my kids and as a family. Yeah, I don't really enjoy being photographed and I'd like to lose some weight before I'm photographed, but my kids won't be saying that when they look back at these photos ("man, I wish mom would have lost 10 pounds before we took those pictures"). They will be saying things like, "remember when we ran around in the backyard and remember how Micah didn't want his picture taken. And remember how dad threw us in the air. Yeah, those were good times." So, here's to capturing good memories, picture perfect or not. And if you have to photoshop a blemish or two I give you permission!! We can put our best face forward right ;) Truwe family edited IMG_1140-55     IMG_1128-43 IMG_1143-58

IMG_1152-67 IMG_1160-75

IMG_1166-81 IMG_1224-139.2

IMG_1196-111 IMG_1211-126.2 IMG_1246-161 IMG_1260-175.2  IMG_1237-152

IMG_1243-158 IMG_1244-159 IMG_1089-4

Here's a "real life" shot for you! - Hannah trying to get away, Micah being Buzz lightyear, Naomi smiling through it all...priceless!IMG_1114-29

I hope you take time to have your family photographed this Christmas. Regardless of how you may feel about yourself and how you look, your kids deserve to have  you in their photographs. You're in their memories, give them something to look at to help them remember THIS time in their lives!

If you would still like photos before the year is over let me know! I'm more than willing to find a time to make it happen! Remember the PAST with a PRESENT! (of photos)

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