Saturday, December 10, 2011

Butt scootin boogie

I was talking to a friend at church on Wednesday night while Hannah scooted around in the background. She then asked me if I had any video of Hannah scooting around because when I'm 100 I'm going to want to remember that little scoot. I told her that I think I took video of the little scoot the other day but hadn't uploaded it to my computer yet. Well, I finally did upload the video to my computer and tried to get the video to load to facebook...but it wouldn't and that's okay. I think I'd rather have it here on my blog anyway. So, here's a little video of one of Hannah's favorite ways of getting around.
She's starting to get more brave and stands up in the middle of the room randomly now...but still no real walking. She's taking her sweet time...and I'm okay with that!!!

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Danny said...

My cousin's baby scooted like that! We thought it was the funniest thing!