Thursday, December 08, 2011

altar paraments and a stole

You may have no idea what I'm talking about by the title but let me share with you some photos of the beautiful altar paraments and the new stole that have been handmade for our church. Through a generous annoymous gift Concordia was blessed with new Advent altar paraments and a new stole for the pastor to wear. These items were handmade by Sheri and you can see her work and learn more about possibly making your own or ordering some items for your church at her website Stoles Created. These photos were taken at Thanksgiving and the altar area has since been decorated for Christmas. I will get some photos of the paraments and the church decorated for Christmas soon. But I wanted to share this beautiful work with you. Sheri did a great job and I cannot wait for you to see the photos of the church decorated for Christmas, it looks so beautiful.

Here is the harvest altar.IMG_1369-16 IMG_1370-17 IMG_1372-19 Never before has our pulpit (or lectern) had a parament. IMG_1375-22 IMG_1385-32 IMG_1390-37 IMG_1383-30 IMG_1395-41 IMG_1402-48 IMG_1404-50

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