Friday, November 18, 2011

st. louis zoo

On Monday morning Rachel and I took the 5 kids to the St. Louis Zoo. I love the St. Louis Zoo and it's been a while since I've been there. We live about an hour from the closest zoo so we go whenever we get the chance. Rachel and I had ulterior motives besides wearing the kids out...we were both hoping to get some photos of us with our kids. Love it when I can swap photo shoots! It would have been awesome to have Greg around so we could have gotten a photo for the Christmas card but that will have to come later! I got a few cute shots of Rachel interacting with her two sweet boys but those boys gave me a run for my money and didn't want to see my camera at all! Rachel is also expecting a sweet baby girl on Valentine's Day so I'm hoping that she'll allow me the honor of photographing her and that sweet baby bump at Christmas.

We got to the zoo and went straight for the carousel since it's free during the first hour that the zoo is open. Micah LOVED it. He kept telling me that his tiger was running so fast and was winning the race. We got to see lots of animals and had a good time taking some photos, eating some snacks and having lunch at the zoo as well. I cannot wait till we can go back to the zoo with Rachel and the boys again! (and the new little girl as well)IMG_0886-1 IMG_0892-7 IMG_0897-12 IMG_0901-16Xavier and Micah loved checking out all the monkeys and orangutans. IMG_0903-18

Naomi, Micah, Jordan and Xavier IMG_0910-25 and then we added Hannah to the mix...she didn't sit still very long!IMG_0913-28 Such a cute little guy...even when he sticks his tongue out at me! IMG_0921-36 Sweet girl without her fake, posed smile! IMG_0952-66 IMG_0954-68 Xavier and Micah are new best friends. They LOVED playing with each other and I still hear Micah asking to play with Xavier every day. It's fun to have a cousin (or second cousin) who is exactly six months older than you (I have one!!). I can't wait to watch these little guys grow up together and be good friends!!IMG_0964-78 Rachel handed out some snacks after the kids "cooperated" for some photos with mom and we realized we've got all the ages covered. Hannah (1), Jordan (2), Micah (3), Xavier (4) and Naomi (5). IMG_0966-80 Just to prvove that we did see some animals too! IMG_0988-102 IMG_0996-110 IMG_0999-113

Some more snacks before the train ride!IMG_1001-115 And there is that sweet little man again. IMG_1003-117 This was a blind shot, I just held the camera out and hoped for the best. Can't believe that I actually got Hannah in focus! IMG_1010-124 Another blind shot just trying to capture the children and their excitment! They loved the train ride. IMG_1011-125

I hope to share some photos of Rachel with the boys...very soon!

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