Tuesday, November 22, 2011

rachel and her boys

{Jackson, TN maternity photography}

You can't choose your family. But sometimes you get blessed by whose in it. I married into a great family. I married into a great extended family. I have been embraced by both the immediate family and extended family and feel as though I've always been a part of them, even though I haven't. Rachel is my husbands cousin. Now she's my cousin (well, like 9 years ago anyway). Since Greg and I have been married Rachel has lived in India, Colorado and now is back in St. Louis. I was honored when Rachel and Matt asked me to photograph their wedding...back in the film days...and now they are getting ready to welcome their third child (first girl) into their family.

Rachel and I took all five of our kids to the St. Louis zoo the weekend I took the kids there alone. We had fun walking around with the kids, riding the carousel, the train, seeing some animals and an attempted two extra mini photo shoots. I talked to Rachel about doing some maternity photos and although she wasn't too keen on the idea I was talking to her about how important I think they are and how her daughter will treasure those photos when she gets older.  I haven't had many photos taken of me with my kids so I asked if Rachel wouldn't mind taking a few. So we swapped a few minutes and by few I really mean like 2 to 4 minutes and not much longer. The kids were more interested in seeing the tigers than getting their photo taken. But these kids know their moms and know that if they just cooperate for a few minutes they get to be done sooner...plus a snack reward doesn't hurt either. Jordan was not in the mood to be photographed and Xavier can move so fast that I'm impressed that I even captured him! Rachel and I both agreed that if all we got was one (maybe two) photos then we'd be happy. I got a few that I love and wanted to share them here.

Thanks Rachel for taking some photos of me and my kids. Thanks also for allowing me to capture you and your sweet boys and your beautiful baby bump!! Can't wait to meet that sweet little girl...your boys are going to LOVE her!!!IMG_0923-38 IMG_0924-39 IMG_0930-45

IMG_0935-50 IMG_0972-86 IMG_0977-91 IMG_0979-93 IMG_0985-99

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