Tuesday, November 08, 2011

hannah's 1st birthday party

We had Hannah's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. We are excited that grandma and grandpa made the trip to spend the weekend with us and celebrate Hannah. We also enjoyed the company of my aunt and uncle and some friends from church and our neighbors. Having 16 people in our house made us realize that this house was not made for entertaining large groups...but we made do and had a great time. We are so blessed by this sweet little girl that God placed in our family. We cannot wait to see what else God has in store for her life. Here are a few photos from Hannah's party. I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked but that's what happens when you're the hostess.

I did a time capsule for Hannah and went with a theme of pink, orange and green (just like her room) with polk-a-dots and butterflies. I got the time capsule idea from here and really a lot of the ideas I got from Jess. Others I've seen around the web or just came up with them on my own. I'll try and list where things and ideas came from as much as I can.

I pretty much stole borrowed the invitation design directly from Jess...why try to re-invent the wheel right? I just used a mat stack of scrapbook paper in the colors I wanted for the invitations. I ordered this washi tape that I used on the invitations and the #1. IMG_9375The little paper that goes with the invitation says (again, this is straight from Jess...thanks Jess :)):

Please use the enclosed card to write
a note to Hannah to be placed in a time capsule.
Hannah will open the time capsule on her 18th birthday.
Some suggestions are:
A verse you are praying for Hannah
Predictions for the future
A note of blessing
Small items of today
Thank you! IMG_9368 I used Hannah's monthly calendar photos as the mantel decoration. I also sewed the pink, green and orange crepe paper streamers together to make them look a little better than crepe paper streamers! That idea came from here. Hannahs Party3 IMG_9699 I used our china cabinet as the dessert station. I made the #1 out of a cheerios box after just looking at this. I used paint chip samples for the hanging circles in the background of the china cabinet. I bought a few pieces of scrapbook paper to go with the theme and used them throughout the party. I added some more photos from the calendar shots in the glass part of the china cabinet. The cupcake toppers were scalloped circles with 3-d butterflies. (I'm bummed that I didn't get a good close up shot of the cupcake toppers). Hannahs party I made a banana cake for Hannah with cream cheese frosting. I know how much she loves her bananas so I thought it was appropriate...and she loved it! It seems that everyone else seemed to like it also. IMG_9694 The tables were covered with plastic table cloths from walmart and then I cut a strip of wrapping paper to put down the middle of each table. I really like how it turned out. The tables were a little cramped but we managed okay and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Hannahs party4 This next photo shows the "drink station". I had pink and green plates, and pink cups and then mini waterbottles, covered with the same scrapbook paper and 3-d butterflies. Then I cut circles out of the scrapbook paper for the mason jars and just punched a hole in the paper for the straw to go through. The kids loved drinking their pink lemonade out of these little jars. Hannahs party.2 IMG_9711

I made some kool-aid playdough the night before so that the bigger kids would have something to do. It proved very helpful, because they played nice together for a while but then it just got a little crazy. I also made little baggies of the playdough for the kids to take home and make on their own as the party favors. IMG_9716 Naomi wanted to dress up like a princess for Hannah's party because she forgot to put on a princess dress for her birthday! We also were celebrating Naomi's baptismal birthday which was on the day of the party! Love this two sweet girls so much!! Hannah was not too excited about the singing for some reason...silly girl. IMG_9721 Hannahs party.5 One other thing that I didn't get a good photo of was the other picture windows. You can see them in this photo a little bit behind Uncle Timm. I used more of the photos from her calendar sessions and just backed it with some of the wrapping paper that I used on the center of the tables. IMG_9693 The other thing that I didn't get a photo of in action was the Happy Birthday banner that I made. You can see part of it in the top left of this next photo but I didn't realize that I didn't photograph it until I took it down so I took a few photos of it on the ground. IMG_9706IMG_9832 I also did not photograph Hannah's time capsule. I will have to do that still. I just bought a paper mache' box from Hobby Lobby and covered it in the same scrapbook paper that I used on the decorations. I covered the whole thing with mod podge and add some stickers that said "Happy Birthday Hannah". Family and friends have written her some letters for the box that she'll open when she's 18 and I also added a few of the party decorations.

We did let Hannah open her presents before everyone left...the big kids wanted to do it all for her but we tried to let her do as much as she could or was interested in doing. We had a great time and are so thankful for our family and friends for coming to help us celebrate our sweet little Hannah Joy. So that's Hannah's party in a nutshell.  Let me know if I can answer any questions about anything.

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