Thursday, November 17, 2011

dr seuss baby shower

I had no part in decorating, cooking, baking, or preparing for this amazing Dr. Seuss baby shower. I simply attended the party and took some photographs because it was such a well planned and beautiful party. I thought maybe some of you out there who may be planning a party sometime soon could use some ideas that the amazing Rachel and Katie used to make this super cute Dr. Seuss baby shower come to life. I am so glad that I was brave enough to take the kids to St. Louis by myself so that the girls and I could attend Jamie's baby shower and so that we could see our family and some friends. Jon and Jamie are decorating baby boys nursery with a Dr. Seuss theme so it was appropriate that the shower had the same theme. Here are some of the details from this great baby shower!IMG_0835-3

IMG_0845-13 IMG_0844-12 IMG_0836-4 IMG_0850-18 IMG_0849-17 IMG_0848-16 IMG_0843-11 IMG_0841-9 IMG_0839-7

Rachel made this great ABC print to hang in the little guys room.IMG_0859-27 IMG_0862-30 IMG_0863-31 IMG_0865-33 IMG_0864-32 And one quick photo of Hannah with her great Aunt Bonnie and Naomi with great grandma. It was so good to see them! IMG_0869-37

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