diy fancy chalkboard

Friday, November 11, 2011
I love to do things find a way to re-purpose old, outdated items into something new and useful. My mom had this mirror at her house and when they were downsizing and moving out of their house she asked if I would like it. She told me that I couldn't really use it as a mirror because there's a big "stain" in the middle of the mirror. I told her that I could find a purpose for it. I had visions of using it as an end table and some other ideas popped into my head. But once the ideas for Hannah's room started coming together I knew exactly what I was going to do with this old mirror. I was going to make a chalkboard for Hannah's room. I got the supplies I would need...some chalkboard paint and some spray paint and got to work. I started by taping the outisde of the mirror (which is a cheap plastic) and painting the chalkboard paint directly onto the mirror. This did not work. The paint kept peeling off the mirror. So, I decided to do it the other way. I sprayed the whole mirror with the greeen spray paint, then covered the outside part while I painted the mirror part with the chalkboard paint. The chalkboard paint had no problem sticking to the spray paint. So learn from my lesson and don't try to paint chalkboard paint (or acrylic paint for that matter) directly onto the mirror, it won't stick. I gave the mirror about three coats of chalkboard paint before I called it good. When the chalkboard paint was dry I covered the whole thing with chalk and then erased it to get it ready for regular use. IMG_9063                         See the big "stain" in the middle of the mirror? Couldn't get it off at all...not sure what it really was. IMG_9068 IMG_9733 I used tin foil to cover the part I wanted to stay green...this didn't work too well so I decided to just paint it carefully. The black chalkboard paint isn't perfect but it doesn't bother me.IMG_9735 And the finished product. IMG_9541 I can't wait to write messages to Hannah as she grows older and can actually read what is written! IMG_0203

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