Thursday, October 27, 2011

when my computer is on

What does one do when their computer is off? A lot. And nothing. At the same time. When my computer is on my time seems to be split. When my computer is off I am much more present in the moment. When my computer is on I feel the need to see what people are up to in other parts of the world via social networking. When my computer is off I feel the need to see what my kids are up to and where their imagination has taken them. When my computer is on I spend time looking and pinning lots of pretty and creative things. When my computer is off I spend time working on making pretty and creative things. When my computer is on I search for things to waste money on. When my computer is off I search for things I've already purchased and use them. When my computer is on I can talk to my parents in Hong Kong, and that's about the only thing that I really missed when my computer was off.   I TRULY enjoyed my technology time-out. I didn't miss facebook at all. Although it is weird to go from knowing what everyone is doing to not having a clue. But not a big deal. I didn't miss the constant news stream. Although I probably should have watched the news on tv so I could make sure to keep up with the big things going on in the world. I didn't miss the inflow of information. Although I did still check my email on my phone.  I didn't miss the pressure to create worthwhile blog posts. Although I found myself many times during my week thinking "this would make a really great blog post". I didn't miss the stress of having to "make it" with my blog or photography (stress that I've put on myself). Although I did think about how I could make each one better. I didn't miss much. I did miss talking with my parents. Although Greg let me skype with them once on his computer. I did miss being able to get a recipe or some pertinent information quickly. Although my phone is pretty handy. But it was a welcome break and one that I will take more often. Maybe not a week at a time but definitely a good break from time to time. We had a wonderful week. Full of family time, a picnic in the park, a sick croupy baby who cut her first tooth, a couple of books read, a candlelit dinner for the kids, simplifying, donating toys, and many other wonderful memories. I will share more later. But I'm still taking my computer time in small doses so I don't want to over do it all at once. It's nice to be back... And because every post is better with  a photo... IMG_0292

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