Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the story of photo albums

{Jackson, TN child photography}

I love looking through photo albums. Reliving days gone by. Remembering those who have gone before us. Learning more about a certain time or place in someones history. Photos tell the stories that only our minds can remember. Photos take us to a place and time that has already flown by. Photos connect us to generations past. Photos tell OUR story.

When you've taken time to save money to invest in a custom portrait session, book that session, pick the right outfits, count down the days till your session, and have enjoyed the process of being photographed the only thing left is to choose which photo will become that family heirloom portrait that you will hang proudly on your wall.

No doubt choosing just one will be difficult. But there will be one that stands out. One that says "this is me/us, right here and right now". There will be one that will receive the place of honor as a large framed portrait or canvas hanging above your fireplace or sofa. There will be one that will be ooohhed and aaahhed over time and time again when friends and family come to visit.

But what about the others? What about those amazing images that show other glimpses into who you are as a person or a family? Those images deserve a place in your home as well. Those images deserve a custom photo album to showcase all the special moments captured from your fun, memorable session.

Designing your album is something I look forward to being able to do. I want to help you put down your memories in a book that will make your coffee table proud to hold it. That will make your magazines jealous. That will make you beam with pride anytime someone asks to see it.

Your story. Told. Time and time again. In YOUR album. With images of YOUR loved ones. Let me capture your memories and tell your story.Albums come in three sizes, 5x5, 8x8 or 12x12, each with 20 pages. Your favorite quotes, scripture passages and letters to loved ones can be included in the album. IMG_1053 IMG_1058 IMG_1055 Here are a few of my favorite layouts from Sara Grace's album. IMG_1065 IMG_1068 IMG_1074


IMG_1077 IMG_1062 IMG_1075 IMG_1060 Call me today so we can start the conversation about creating your family heirloom portraits and keepsake album.

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