Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hannah's first birthday!!

Hannah is one!!
Yes, the days go slow and the years fly by, it's true!
We had a good time with Hannah today, but she wasn't in the best of moods.
I think she may FINALLY be starting to get some teeth, but I'm not fully convinced of this.
She's had a low grade fever for a couple of days and is more cranky than normal.
I hope she enjoyed her big day and I cannot wait till her party at the end of the month!

 I made a little cake for Hannah to dig in to and some cupcakes for the rest of us.
 She enjoyed the frosting...
but didn't want to eat her cake. She kept crawling away. So we put her in a chair and made her eat it! ha!
It took her a while to even dig into the cake, we had to help her. Then she just played with it for a long time before finally taking some bites of what was on her hand. I had given up. Taken down the decorations, went inside to make dinner and that's when she started eating it, go figure!

 I took these the day before her birthday...she would NOT SIT STILL. I was lucky to get the few shots that I did get.
 Do you like the "wallpaper"? It's just a piece of fabric taped to the wall!!

 We went to a local park before her birthday too and got some fun shots of Hannah in front of a cotton field!

Well, that 365 days went by in a's to many many more days with my sweet Hannah Joy!


Theresa said...

Hi Jamie! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. Beautiful photos :)

Sarah said...

Hi! Found your blog on Trendy Tree-house's Follow Me Fridays Link Up! The photos of your sweet little girl with the pink pearls are just beautiful! (Looks like she enjoyed that cake, too!) What wonderful memories...

Marci said...

I found you through Follow Me Fridays. The pictures you took of your little girl are AMAZING. And I love the idea of the fabric as a backdrop. So Clever.