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Thursday, October 06, 2011
Some gifts are easier to come up with than others. I've really struggled with what to give an aquaintance. I was thinking of who these aquaintances might be and why I might be giving them a gift...

The only thing I came up with is a white elephant gift exchange, or someone hosting a secret santa for someone you don't really know. I had the same idea as Tara...FOOD! and goodies at that! Easy, inexpensive and universal. So, I made some cake balls for my daughter to take to school after her birthday (with leftover bday cake, which I'll share on Saturday). But I forgot to take pictures. I thought that would be a good aquaintance gift. So, yes, I bugged out and didn't get my own gift made but I have found a few gift ideas that I thought I'd share with you. Click on the links to be taken to the original creators site and give them some props for cool gift ideas!!

I saw this a while ago and have saved our Pringles cans (my husband probably can't wait till I get them out of pantry). I plan on making these for neighbors that I don't know very well, thus making them aquaintances. You can find the original post about these here.

Today's Fabulous Finds has 12 of these super cute and creative gifts to give to aquaintances, friends, neighbors you name it and they're all under $2. You can't beat that!!!
I've also made these for my daughters Sunday School teachers and they went over really well, so there's another idea for you. Do you have any ideas? And which aquaintances do you give gifts to?
Jen said...

Thanks for featuring my idea :)

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