Saturday, October 08, 2011

felt stove and felt pizza

The first felt pizza that I ever made was in May of 2009, it was then that Naomi started asking for her own. I made a few for some customers, some for birthday gifts for family and she kept asking for one for herself. Well, it was finally her turn. I made her a felt pizza. And she loves it! I also decided to make her a little "kitchen" if you will. When we moved from San Antonio we sold the big plastic kitchen that she had because it took up too much space and was plastic. I tried to figure out how to make her one that she could use to cook and prepare food on...and then I saw it. The travel play kitchen!!! Please don't compare mine to hers...hers is FAR superior to mine, but I like mine just the same. Go check out Valerie's blog when you're done'll be inspired, trust me! Okay, here it travel play kitchen and felt pizza! IMG_1134 IMG_1138 IMG_1140 I do plan to add some pockets to the side and a little "bar" for her to hang towels on. IMG_1145 IMG_1150 IMG_1155 IMG_1164 IMG_1172 IMG_1470 She was probably saying "FINALLY" or "It's just what I always wanted, how did you know?" IMG_1471 IMG_1474

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