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Saturday, September 24, 2011

As you can see I love to sew. I love to make things that are useful and pretty. I love it when the things I make put a smile on the recipients face. And I love it when those things last and  can be passed down. I've noticed on a few of Hannah's dresses that I forgot to do a zig-zag stitch on my seams and they seem to be fraying...if only I had a serger :)...

But I remembered a lesson that one of my sewing lady friends taught me and I want to share that with you today. Maybe you already know this trick and maybe it'll be new for you...but I wanted to share it anyway so that maybe at least one person can learn something new. This sewing trick is so that you have no seams showing at raw or exposed edges of fabric, thus no fraying or random threads hanging out here and there.

And off to the tutorial.

I am making skirts for my daughters birthday outfits and I wanted to make them without the exposed here we go.

Measure the length that you want your skirt to be. I wanted to use two fabrics so I took the total amount and split it. Don't forget to add some extra length for the casing and hems.

Sew the pieces together on a long edge with the fabrics facing the same way. I know this is contrary to how you've learned to sew but trust me on this. Oh and skip this step if you're just using one fabric.IMG_0708

Take the bottom fabric and bring it around to the front and fold the exposed edge down 1/4inch.IMG_0709

Sew the folded edge as close to your first row of stitches. This will create a little bottom piece without any exposed edges!IMG_0710

Next, fold your skirt in half with the wrong sides together and sew at least a 1/2 inch seam. Again, I know this is not how you're used to doing things but trust me!!IMG_0712

It will look like you sewed it the wrong way and your exposed edges will be on the outside of the skirt but that just means you did it right.IMG_0714

Now take your scissors and cut ONE side of the exposed edge off...closer to the seam.IMG_0715

Fold the longer side (that you did not cut) over the short side that you did cut and iron down.IMG_0716

Now just sew that to the skirt. Make sure to pull the fabric that is underneath taut so that you don't sew it in the wrong place. Does that make sense?IMG_0718

See, then you have two seam lines but no exposed edges!! YAY!IMG_0722

Inside viewIMG_0723

Now just make the casing for your elastic (don't forget to add your label)...IMG_0725

Add your elastic...IMG_0726

And sew the casing shut once the elastic is in. I also sew one vertical line through the elastic so that it doesn't move too much or get twisted.IMG_0731

Stand back and check out the cool skirt you just made that has...IMG_0733

no exposed edges!!! CLEAN AND NEAT!!IMG_0734

And the reverse for the little lady!IMG_0737

I added some appliques to their shirts and called it done!IMG_0738

I thought this version of "5" was more fun than just a plain ol "5"... plus then I can teach her about hash marks.IMG_0747

I realize this photo makes these look REALLY busy but they don't look that crazy in real life!IMG_0739Did I totally confuse you? Let me know if I can clarify anything! So did you learn anything new? Do you have a favorite sewing tip that has saved you time and headaches? Please share!

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