Date the alphabet -G, H, I, J

Saturday, August 20, 2011
Greg took Naomi to Chili's in May...couldn't find a restaurant that started with G and it was raining out so they opted for Chili's instead of mini Golf.Their "H" date happened in June and they went to Honeybaked Ham and had some really good sandwiches.Instead of finding a place that started with "I" for their July date they ended up getting ice cream!

Greg took Naomi on their monthly date to Jason's Deli. They had a great time as usual and she came home telling me all the things that boys are supposed to do for girls when they go on dates! Way to go're AWESOME!

Photos taken with Greg's phone...

Theresa said...

Nice to see you :)
That is so sweet- the dates your hubby has with your daughter.

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