Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a time to sew

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I love to sew. I pretty much taught myself with help along the way from two incredible women (in two different states). I am by no means a seamstress, just a mom with a machine who likes to sew. I love to make clothes for my kiddos, and while I don't like them to always be matchy matchy sometimes it's just appropriate. My next door neighbor gave me the template and measurements to make these little peasant dresses. They were very easy to make and now that I've made these two I will be able to make more embellishments and different types of sleeves on the next ones. Micah always asks for a dress too but I think he was happy with his tie shirt...he loves when I make him things too. I did make little headbands for the girls to wear with their dresses but didn't have them finished when we did this little photo session. I will have to make sure to get a photo of the girls with their headbands the next time one of them wears the dress. I put them in their matching clothes for church one Sunday but I think from now on they will wear their outfits on different days. I can't wait to make more of these and some peasant tops as well. Many photographers talk about how it's impossible to photograph their own children and I agree to some extent, but my kids actually like getting their picture taken. Well, most of the time, they do pretty good but let's just say this, if you're going to photograph your own children (more than just a snapshot) make sure all the variables are taken away. Make sure they're fed, not tired or sick. Micah didn't want to be photographed at all when I started but once he saw the girls getting their picture taken he was all about it. Hannah however was ready for her nap and in no mood for a photo session. So the shots of Hannah were not great, but they were real life so I'm not going to try again. I like the way I was able to capture them. I finally got Naomi to stop doing her fake "cheese" face and Micah enjoyed the photo session for a short time before he was done...but I think Hannah was done before we even started. Considering those facts I think we did okay. three kids all three together

They have such an incredible relationship, it's so fun to watch them together! naomi and micah


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