Thursday, May 12, 2011

what to wear

So, I let the four year old dress herself. She should right? She's four. I love to send her into her room to get dressed and just imagine what she's going to come out wearing. Her fashion sense is...unique. I usually only object to a couple things 1. Clothes that are not weather appropriate and 2. When she wears her "under the skirt shorts" or leggings by themselves. The only time I would change what she is wearing is if we are going to church...and really on Sundays she wears a dress so she can't really mess that up. The other day she came out wearing this and I just had to document it. While we "grown-ups" would normally say that purple and red don't go together, it really started to grow on me and I really liked her choice of outfit that day!

Sometimes I do make her wear something that I pick out. Like this cute top and slim jeans! Sometimes it's just nice to be simple and cute. But most often she's got lots of patterns and colors going on! I should start documenting her outfits more!

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