Wednesday, May 04, 2011

homeowners no longer...

Well, today was a big day for us! We are no longer home owners!! yay! God is good!

When Greg took this call to serve in Tennessee one thing that we were really worried about was selling our home in Texas. We have had a few issues with the house and were under the impression that the foundation was really messed up. With a generous gift we were able to get the whole house painted inside and out and get it looking nice. I am grateful that we were able to sell the house empty because trying to keep it picked up for a walk through at a moments notice with three small kids would have made me go crazy!!

The house went on the market on March 21st but was not live on the realtors website till the 23rd or 24th (not sure) and then on Tuesday, March 29th I got a phone call saying there was an offer on the house. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor...I was shocked. So in 5 days of being on the market we had an offer on the house!! God is good!

We were thrilled and knew that the only reason this was happening is because God is with us! I said all along that God will have to sell this house because we surely cannot. And He did!! We counter offered and they countered back and we accepted their offer. We waited for some paperwork...and were then worried about the inspection! We didn't know what they would
find and want us to repair. We knew we didn't have any more money to put into the house! The day of the inspection finally came and the list of things that could potentially scare a buyer away was long...but this family really liked the house and asked us for two things. They asked us to get a structural engineer to give a report and to have the HVAC unit cleaned and serviced. We were not excited about having a structural engineer come to the house. If you have been reading my blog for a while or know us in real life you know that our foundation always seemed to be a issue for us. Doors not closing, cracks in the wall, etc. We had four foundation companies come to look at the house and gave us estimates for $18,000 to $35,000 for repairs. So we were worried about what the SE would find. I got the phone call the day after he visited the home and our realtor told us that everything looked great and the buyers wanted to move forward with the sale!!! yay! Praise God! Just goes to show that you can't always trust the companies that want your money. Could we have gotten work done. yes. Would it have helped? yes. was it necessary? no!

So we have a power of attorney who signed the papers for us today and now we are no longer home owners! yay! We are enjoying our rental home for the time being (still have unpacking to do and we haven't put anything on the walls yet either). But now that we don't have to pay a mortgage AND rent we can start saving for a down payment on our own home in TN. We are glad we decided to rent so that we can get to know the city before we buy!

Here are a couple of photos of our home the last time we saw it.

I wasn't totally attached to this home. It did have a great floor plan and was a great size for us, but it wasn't my dream home. It does hold lots of good memories for us...our first home we bought, bringing two babies home, countless movie nights, parties and hanging with friends. But those memories will be preserved and I don't need the structure of that home to keep those memories alive! I hope the new family that bought the house really enjoys it and makes lots of great memories in there!!

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j said...

Congratulions! on the sale of your house...
God is good!