Monday, May 23, 2011
Greg took Micah to the Jackson Generals baseball game on Sunday...but it got rained out. Since he had already bought his ticket and the Junior Generals thing for Micah we thought it would be best to use that ticket. So, I took the big kids to the game today and my sweet neighbor watched Hannah. We bought the Junior Generals thing for Naomi as well. What is the Junior Generals thing? Well, it's this: a free "dog tag" (lanyard with a "press pass" ticket), a free t-shirt, a free haircut, they can get into games on Sun-Wed for free and Thurs-Sat for half price, plus entrance to two special extra activities. So, now if we decide to go to the game it'll only cost us $12, if we go on Sun-wed. Good deal if you ask me. Plus it'll give Greg a chance to impart his baseball knowledge to all of us! Here are some photos from the day.

Blurry pic but you get the idea. Since it was a Monday afternoon and a rain out make up game there were not many people there. The kids had fun running laps around the seats.

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