sewing for gifts

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
I never actually get around to making all the Christmas presents that I have in my mind to make. I don't ever start early enough or plan enough in advance. But one thing I did get accomplished last year for Christmas were some art kits for two of our godsons. Finally getting around to sharing them now, I forgot all about them! I bought all the items in August when the back to school supplies were pretty inexpensive. It's because of that reason that I was able to really fill their art boxes, otherwise they may have only gotten two or three things in there.

To go with the art bins I sewed covers for their composite notebooks (that I scored for a dollar each). I just measured the notebook and then just sewed one side and pinned the other side before sewing it down. Nothing scientific or really well done but it was fun to make and I'm sure the little guys were more into the markers than the fabric on their notebooks. I have about 10 more of these notebooks in my closet waiting for the perfect person to give them too. I actually have another gift that they go with but just haven't gotten it finished for those people. Maybe this year?

I also made these lightweight hats out of t-shirt remnants. These were easy to make and the boys really liked them. I do plan on making more for all of Tom and Tami's kids...but that's five more and I need to get some head measurements before I get working, plus its summer and they won't need them till fall so it's near the bottom of my list...but Tami, it will get done!

That's one of the t-shirts I made for Jeremiah too, he just happened to be wearing it the day Hannah and I went to visit all of them!

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