Wednesday, April 06, 2011

great week and weekend

Here's the week in a photo recap...lots of photos...not a lot of words!

Monday: Greg was sitting on the couch with the big kids. Hannah woke up from her nap so he went to get her. He changed her diaper and when he came back into the room this is what he saw.
So sweet, we must have tired them out!

Tuesday: We drove to Nashville to pick up my sister from the airport (that's a 2 hour drive one way!!!). We stopped for lunch at Loveless Cafe and really enjoyed the down home comfort food.
Wednesday: We didn't do a whole lot. Tracey played with the kids and Greg and I got a bank account and unpacked a little more.

Thursday: Opening Day!! We drove to Memphis (about an hour away) to have lunch with my aunt and uncle. We took the kids to a park for a while before lunch. Aunt Rosalie made a cake for Tracey and Micah. The kids also had fun dressing up and dancing for everyone.

Friday: The second moving truck came with the rest of our stuff. Micah enjoyed having the train table in his room for the day (it's back in the garage now). Tracey and Naomi helped crush the oreo cookies for the race track cake. And we enjoyed a low key evening at home. Greg's parents and oldest sister got into town late in the evening and came over for a little bit to say hello.

Saturday: Micah and Tracey celebrated their birthdays. We went to lunch at Rafferty's with the whole gang and then the kids played outside for a while. Micah enjoyed opening his presents. He got lots of Lightning McQueen stuff and some Thomas things as well. He really was excited to open the gifts but just wanted to play with the cars before opening all his gifts. We also celebrated Greg's dad's birthday on Saturday (but his birthday was really on Sunday).

I asked Micah which car was his favorite and he pointed to them one by one and said, "this one, and this one, and this one..."

Micah was so excited to have his big cousin Michael there for his birthday. He'd been talking about Michael for a long time. Was so thrilled to be able to play with him!

Sunday: Had Micah pose for me in the morning sunlight! Church in the morning, lunch at home with everyone and then Greg's installation service was at 4pm. It was a great service and they had a very nice reception for us afterwards.

Pastor Barz came from San Antonio to preach at Greg's installation! What an honor to have him with us. We wish Connie would have been able to come too!

Grandma was one of the lucky few whom Micah let play cars with him.

The Memphis Circuit Pastors

The family that came for the service.

Greg's side of the family.

Monday: I drove my sister back to the airport. Greg went to work at his new church for the first time and the rest of the family took the kids swimming and spent some time at the hotel. We had some severe storms here on Monday and the tornado sirens were even going off...but it was just a bunch of rain here and not much worse. We also enjoyed playing Monopoly Deal a bunch of times and just spending time with our family. It's always nice to have family around!!

Thank you everyone for coming and spending time with us! We really appreciate all the help and support you provided us with! We can't wait till we see you again!!

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km said...

Your NEW and EXCITING and BEAUTIFUL life begins! So glad you made it safely... I wish you all the best as you make your new church and house a HOME!!! xoxoxoxoxo