Friday, April 15, 2011

grandmas quilts

When Greg's parents came for his installation they brought along a quilt that Greg's grandmother had made for Hannah. It is so beautiful. I LOVE the colors and it makes a great backdrop for some photos of Hannah. I really hope that I can start making some more quilts. I would love to be able to do this for my kids and my grand kids someday! Maybe by the time I have grand kids I'll have a little more free time to be able to work on them :) It means a lot to us to have quilts made by grandma! Here are a few shots I got of Hannah on her new quilt.


When we went on our big Midwest vacation last May we were able to spend a night at Greg's aunt and uncles house and they live right next door to grandma and grandpa. I took a few photos of some of grandma's handiwork but did not capture the many many quilts that are on all the beds and that are folded neatly in piles. No one has an excuse to be cold in that house. I am so thankful that we have at least three of her quilts, if not more, in our house as well! I also have a quilt that my grandma made for me (for my high school graduation) and an afghan that she made for our wedding before she passed away. We opened the afghan at our gift opening and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I love it that our grandmas were busy creating things for us and our children! Makes one feel loved!


Theresa said...

Love quilts! I started one years ago and it just needs to be finished. All the pieces are pinned together and I started sewing them together...just need to finish :)

Holly said...

Hannah is getting so big!! Will be so fun to have our babies together at Easter!! And the other kids too of course. :)