Monday, March 21, 2011

quick update

Well, we've made it to Tennessee. We are not in Jackson yet but are staying with my aunt and uncle in the Memphis area. We decided to drive on Sunday instead of Monday so that we were able to take our time and make sure to make it in time. We were driving two cars with three kids so we had no idea what the travels would be like. All three kids did GREAT in the cars!

We left San Antonio Saturday morning after saying goodbye to our neighbors and our (painted, empty) house. We made it to Plano by 3:15pm. We had a great time hanging out with Scott, Kimi and their three boys and PB and Linda also came over for a DELICIOUS dinner!! Thanks Scott and Kimi we're gonna miss being only 5 hours from y'all. Since we decided to leave on Sunday that means we missed getting to see Eric and Heather and their girls...we also didn't get to see Adam and Chelsea. They will have to come to TN to visit us :).

We got up early Sunday morning and started the drive. It only took us about 8.5 hours to make the drive. We stopped in Arkansas for lunch and ended up going to a softball diamond and ate in the dugout. The kids enjoyed the freedom of running around. We stopped two other times as well. We made it to Memphis by 5pm and got to help my aunt celebrate her birthday.

Naomi and Micah have been battling some sickness for a while. It seemed to just get worse and worse as time went on. Friday night, Micah had a 102.9 temp and it was that way till last night. They are both coughing a lot and had green gunk coming out of their eyes. So, our nights have not been filled with sleep, needless to say. But we're surviving and making it just fine. We are enjoying a day today at my aunt and uncle's house (and another one of my uncles is here too) without having to go anywhere. Which is SO NICE.

Tomorrow Greg, Hannah and I will drive to Jackson and meet the moving truck at the church to unload his boxes and boxes of books, then we will go to our rental home and unload there. Still lots to do...the unpacking and finding places for things, begins tomorrow. I know the kids will love the HUGE backyard that our home has and they will spend many hours out there I'm sure. I have LOTS of photos to share but it'll be a little while because I need to get my computer off the truck and connected before I can do that.

Thank you SOOOOO much to all our friends for your help. Thanks for the help with watching the kids. Thanks for putting a roof over our heads. Thanks for the meals, the hanging out, the laundry facilities. Thanks for loving us as Christ loves us and helping us out. We're very sad to leave ya'll and can't wait till we can hang out again!!! I hear fall in Tennessee is beautiful, you should come check it out! We pray that God would bless you in new and exciting ways!


Theresa said...

Can't wait to see some pics. Glad you made it there safely :)

Tara said...

So nice to hear an update! Yeah! You Made It! Have fun unpacking and can't wait to see pics. xoxox Tara

km said...

praying for you all--- wishing you a smooth transition to your BEAUTIFUL new place. GET WELL SOON KIDDIES!