Wednesday, March 16, 2011

five months old

Our sweet little lady is five months old already! We sure are blessed to have her in our lives. She is such a laid back happy little lady. She loves to watch what's going on and wants to be part of the action. When we lay her down she almost immediately rolls over. She pushes up with her arms and almost pushes herself backwards. She tries to get her knees under herself too, but not at the same time as pushing up. She LOVES to talk and sometimes at 4am. But I make her go back to sleep because that's just too early. She's been sleeping pretty regularly from 8pm till 5 or 6am. Then she'll eat and sleep again till like 8 or 9am. Sometimes she wakes in the middle of the night but will just talk for a while and then goes back to sleep. Sometimes though she gets her arms out of her swaddle, or rolls over and gets stuck and upset. I'm in the bad habit of wrapping her up again and rocking her a bit when I should probably just let her fuss a bit. Oh well.

So these were taking on the day she turned 5 months old and I had a hard time getting her to stretch out. She just loves her feet so much...and recently discovered the joy of having something else to suck on! silly girl.

She's 26 inches and 16 pounds!

See, rolls right over.

This is as stretched out as I could get.

Man, she's so stinkin cute!

This little lady LOVES her feet!

Have a great day!!!


Carey said...

She is so Adorable! Love those squishy little thighs and cheeks! I kiss on my girl's all the time :)

Theresa said...

So cute!

Lucy and Murray's Mom said...

Relish every moment! Soon all those squishy parts will be gone...and when they come back she won't want her picture taken showing them off!!! Praying for you during the move!

km said...

oh my chunky monkey love!!!! ADORABLE! CUTE! SENSATIONALLY DARLING!