Thursday, March 03, 2011

the chaos that is our life right now

I don't know how to explain what is going on right now other than to say CHAOS. The house is a MESS, filled with boxes, toys out of place, piles for goodwill and friends. The painters have been working on the outside of the house since Monday, but included in the outside of the house is the atrium, which is INSIDE the house, so we've been stuck inside the house. Can't leave because they need to get inside and can't play outside because they're painting out there.

So, the kids are going a little stir crazy...and watching too much tv, and fighting and whining a little more than normal. They know something is going on. They know we're moving. They know they can probably get things out of Greg and I that they wouldn't normally get, and they're taking kids right?

I'm slowly getting some packing done...but there's still LOTS to do. We will have about five days of solid pack time after next Tuesday so we should be good. I hate to leave things to the last minute and just throw things in boxes. I want to get things a little more organized since we don't know if we'll have to store things for a while or if we'll have all of our stuff with us. Crazy! Greg is going on Monday to look for a rental home for us. It's just a lot to take in. Moving with three small kids is no small feat, but we'll make it happen. I'm a little too overwhelmed to even realize what is happening. I don't want to leave my friends...I'm not ready for Sunday...when we say goodbye...gonna be a sad sad day.

Here's some photos from today just so you can see a little bit of the CHAOS that we are living in right now. The tree is usually in the atrium but since they're painting out there it's now in the dining room.

You can see the piles of books and other items to give away, you can see the guy painting our front door, and the chord to the spray painter going into the atrium.

Boxes, boxes and more boxes by the kitchen peninsula, the tarp and paint bucket, Hannah's in there somewhere and just the big ol mess.

Here's the paint for the sprayer, in the kitchen! lovely

Just another view of the mess and chaos!

Some good news is that I've been listing things on craigslist and I've been able to sell a few big furniture items that we no longer want so that's good. Good to get rid of it and get a little money to help with the move. Stuffitis is helping me get rid of stuff!!!

So if you are praying for us we could specifically use prayers that God would send the right person to buy our house. We know that He has plans for us and that He is sending us to Tennessee so we pray that our house would sell quickly and for a good price. Thanks friends. I'll try and stop by again before we move...but if for some reason I don't then I'll see you in Tennessee. I really hope to get time to get some more photos on my blog from some crafts, and sewing that I did a couple weeks ago...gotta keep my "journal" updated!


Theresa said...

Will be praying!

Tara said...

WOW! Jamie! I wish I could come over and help. :( I'll be praying all things go smoothly with the sale of the house and the new move. xoxoxo Tara

PS... I LoVe the new family pic! Adorable!!