Friday, March 11, 2011

birthday present

Naomi's sweet friend Sophia had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. When we got the invitation I immediately started thinking about what I could make for Sophia. See, I'm all about great gifts, but I really like personal gifts that I can make...and hope they're great. Sophia's mom Amy is a master sewer so I knew I didn't need to make Sophia a birthday shirt and skirt set, I mean look at what the girl is wearing...A-Maze-Ing! Amy made all the little girls that came to the party chef cute since it was a cupcake themed party! (Amy, I'm totally stealing your idea someday).

Giant cupcake cake...

and then the girls got to decorate their own as well...what a fun idea!

So, back to the gift part. I thought about what types of things Naomi likes to do. She loves to play with her barbies, babies and other dolls. I love to make things out of, I put the two together and made Sophia a set of wooden dolls with one for each member of her family.

I also gave her a cardboard box and instructions from Dolls and Daydreams Etsy shop to make this cardboard house for her dolls. I figured she could have hours of fun making the house and then playing with the dolls in the house.

Now of course I need to make a set for Naomi...but she keeps asking to paint them herself. Do I let her? Or just paint them for her so they look good? hmmm....

I used some fabric for Sophia and Amy's dresses, in theory it works but it doesn't look great. Oh well, I think Sophia liked them.

And I sorta messed up Sophia's eyes, but I didn't have time to go back and paint over the whole head and do it again. I hope she enjoys playing with these little dolls. And I can't wait to make some for Naomi once we get settled.

Naomi already has BIG plans for all the cardboard boxes that we'll have once we move and unpack. I'll make sure to set one aside for this little doll house...and maybe a few other fun things!


Theresa said...

What a wonderful present! I am sure she cherises it. Homemade gifts are so thoughtful :)

Lucy and Murray's Mom said...

I LOVE this idea as well...maybe instead of fabric you could decoupage fancy tissue paper around the wooden person? We have a birthday party next weekend...if I wasn't making the cake for it...I might just try this gift out! Super cute!

km said...

THAT DOLL HOUSE! THOSE DOLLS! What a precious precious gift!