Wednesday, March 09, 2011

birthday outfit

My only goddaughter turned two on February 6th. I had asked her mom what she could use for her birthday and she told me that Faith liked the skirt I had made for her last birthday and also said she could use a new dress. I decided to make her a birthday shirt and skirt outfit that seem to be traditional gifts for birthday girls around these parts. Well, they're easy to make and so cute on the little ladies.

This time instead of sewing a big "2" on the shirt I decided to make a cupcake with two candles. I am so happy with how it turned out and can't wait to make more of these in the future. I also love Faith's skirt with the little yellow trim at the bottom and it saves me from having to hem the skirt!!!

I didn't tell Tami but I did buy fabric to make a sun dress for Faith too, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. February went by in a blur and it seems as though March will do the same. Can't wait to get relocated, settled and bust out the sewing machine again, then life may start to feel a little more normal...maybe.

Here are some shots of the birthday girls little cupcake and butterflies outfit!


Theresa said...

You really have to start selling these outfits. In your free time :)

Lucy and Murray's Mom said...

Do you use a pattern for the skirt? It's such a cute skirt and it looks relatively simple...just curious if it was a particular pattern :)