Monday, February 28, 2011


I have stuffitis....
do you have it?
Have you ever had it?

I am slowly getting over stuffitis
having to pack and move is helping.
It's just stuff.
Most of it just takes up space with no real reason or purpose.
So, I'm getting rid of it.
Sure it's easier to get rid of things that aren't mine
(stuffed animals, kids books, etc)
but I still feel attached, "oh but she loves to read that book"
and "they play with that stuffed animal SOMETIMES"
But really it's just stuff and when it's all said and done and GONE
we probably won't miss it anyway.

So, I guess moving has one perk...
getting rid of stuff
and trying to cure myself of stuffitis.
Easier said than done (sometimes).

Trying to cure my four year old is a little more challenging.
Gotta purge while she's sleeping!

Please keep us in your prayers as we purge the stuff,
and get ready for our next chapter...


Lucy and Murray's Mom said...

I think it's in our culture to have stuffitis! We've been purging lately too...since you're so crafty, here's a stuffed animal idea I LOVE...make a large pillow case (think small bean bag) with a zipper enclosure...allow the kiddos to pick their favorite stuffed animals and fill the bag...then you have a chair and the stuffed animals for those few times they do play with them! I know you're purging...but if you keep any of the animals it could work :)

Theresa said...

Oh, I always have to clean and get rid of stuff when the kids aren't looking :)