Friday, February 25, 2011

happy birthday

Look at this man...
this is one incredible man.

Caring, compassionate, crazy in love with Jesus, transparent, forgiving, humorous, talented, friendly, helpful, family man, devoted, trustworthy, humble, amazing, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, I am blessed to call this man my husband, my partner in crime, the father of my kids, my friend.

Happy Birthday Greg. I love you more today than the day we got married...and I know more stuff about you too...ha. I hope you have an incredible birthday. This is your gift. No really. This is it. Oh wait, I think Naomi drew you a picture. Sorry, I've had other things on my mind. I LOVE YOU!!!! Please forgive my lack of think-aheadness and help me pick something out for you later! LOVE YOU babe...enjoy your day!


Stephanie said...

He sounds wonderful and totally LOVED by all of you! My hubby is like yours, so wonderful to have a true family man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. You are the second blog friend with a husband's birthday today. I love your son's sweater too. My son has the same one without the zipper.
Have a great weekend.