Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hannah at four months

Current stats:
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 14lbs 15oz

Hannah loves to put anything and everything in her mouth.
She's gonna be one of THOSE kids! ha!
She loves to watch her big bro and big sis play.
She loves to laugh, giggle and play.
She is such a sweet baby and makes our days bright.
She recently started waking earlier in the morning.
She was sleeping 8pm-7:30am but recently she's been waking at 5am
and I usually just give her the pacifier and then she'll wake at 6am to eat.
But the good news is she'll usually go back to sleep.
She's a drooler!
She loves to roll around on the floor but would rather be in her bouncy seat
so that she can see the action going on around her.

We love this little lady so much and cannot imagine not having her in our lives. Can't believe it's already been four months...time sure does fly!

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km said...

What a sweetheart!!!