Thursday, July 01, 2010

time to get a life

God is really teaching us something.
Family time is not TV time (all the time).
The TV is not that important.
Puzzles are fun and get your mind working.
It's time to do the things on your list and get off the couch.
Spend time with me, not the tube!

maybe it'll be fixed in a week or so...
maybe in a week or so we won't even care...
maybe Micah will stop whining "TB, TB"

but it's good for now!


Cranberry Morning said...

How nice to have a TV break in the summer! And you don't even have to put the thing away, out of sight! This will be great for the whole fam! Congratulations. :-)

A Lil Story said...

It is nice to have a TV break~ I have to tell my boys, TV and Video games are not what life is about!(and they are only 4) =)