Friday, July 02, 2010

another dress from a skirt!

You may remember my post about the "2nd easiest dress you'll ever make"
if not, take a second and go see it.
Well, I made another one...and I've got another goodwill skirt
just waiting to be made into a third dress!

Again, this dress is inspired by V and Co.'s dress
but this time I changed it up a bit.

Instead of taking fabric from both sides and putting the zipper in the back,
I kept the zipper on the side and just took fabric from one side.
I used the length of the fabric that I cut off to make the straps,
but instead of sewing them into actual straps,
I left them long to just tie behind her neck.
This dress will grow with Naomi and she'll be able to
wear it for quite a while!!

I know the back seam is off center but I don't really care!

She's such a poser!

She called this her "bride" pose!

She loves this dress and says that she feels like a princess.
Well, that just made my day.

I'm linking up!
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Lanie said...

That is so beautiful Jamie! I am excited that my friend is coming over next week for my first sewing lesson. We are going to make a bandana beach quilt. I told her I was going to be taking pictures and blogging along and she said to be sure I talk about the wonders of a rotary cutter. :)

By the way Naomi makes a gorgeous model!


Eboix said...

Thank you Jamie for the sweet comment on my cakes! I actually just bought a pack of round cardboard cake bottoms at Hobby Lobby - then just covered them. Haven't shipped any yet - I have just googled to see the best ways!

katherinemarie said...

That 4th pic just MAKES ME SMILE HUGE!!! Look at her!!!! What an angel. I'll never be able to sew like you, but I love drooling over your creations.

I'm Cara. said...

Awesome! I have some skirts that I can't wear (too big or too small) so maybe I can make them into dresses! great idea!