Sunday, June 27, 2010

unexpected surprises

Don't you love surprises?
I mean really, who doesn't?
Even those people who SAY they don't love surprises...
I'm sure they really do.

A surprise is someone saying,
"I care about you"
"I value you"
"I want to do something nice for you"

Because when was the last time you were surprised
with something horrible?
Okay, I know it can happen,
the death of a loved one, an illness...
but MOST surprises are
and just plain

We were surprised today when we left church.
Someone had left these games/puzzles under our van.
I hope they knew it was our van and not someone else's! ha!
Naomi was SO excited and could hardly take a nap because
she wanted to start playing with the new games.

I don't know who left these games,
but I wanted to say a HUGE thanks!
If you want to let me know who you are
so I can thank you in person that would be awesome...
But if not,
thanks for saying you care!
Thanks for the random act of kindness!
The kids are excited to try out some new games...
after nap time of course!

Have you surprised anyone lately?
I'm thinking that
are the way to go.
This RAK has prompted me to think of a way
that I can surprise and be kind to someone else...
I'll let you know what I think of...
any ideas? thoughts?

This may have to become something bigger...
I'll think on it and get back to you!


katherinemarie said...

HOW INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! So COOL! What a sweet gift. RAKs are my all time favorite thing EVER!!!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

How fun to find GAMES at your van. I think the only surprise I've ever found left at our car was a huge zucchini left on our bumper. It would fall into the 'less than exciting surprise' category. :-)

Have fun!