Monday, June 21, 2010

new FREE class from jessica sprague

Do you like to make cards?
Do you love photoshop?
Well, sign up for Jessica Sprague's new FREE
Computer Tricks for Cards class!

I already signed up and can't wait.
The great thing about these classes
is that once you sign up you can see the class for life.
I have gone through three or four of her classes
and have learned SOOO much!
Check out the free ones and then you'll probably
find some paid ones that you could benefit from as well.

It's good to go through the class the week they do the class.
But you don't HAVE to, if you get busy or whatever,
so it's just a good thing to sign up at least and do what you can
while they are actually having the class.
I usually end up going through the lessons at a later time.
But everything is still accessible to you after the week of the class is over!

Would LOVE to know if you sign up!!!

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