Monday, June 28, 2010

maternity photos

You know why I became a photographer?
Because I LOVE taking photos...
I LOVE having the ability to go back to a place and time
simply by looking at a photograph.
I LOVE seeing peoples faces when they look at photos I've taken of them.
I LOVE seeing my work in peoples homes (yes I'm vain)
but most importantly
I LOVE capturing memories.
I LOVE to relive those special moments and days.
I LOVE being able to do that for my family and others as well...
that's why I am a photographer.

Do you know why else I'm a photographer?
I have a bad memory.
Photos help me remember what we've done,
where I've been and
who I've been blessed to spend time with.
I get to capture the moments and memories of my family and preserve our legacy.

So, with all that being said, here is my
mini maternity self-portrait photo session!
So I can remember this time in my life...
24.5 weeks pregnant with my third little blessing.

Check out a few more on my photography site.
The Paper Mama


Shell said...

Oh, I love these!

I don't have many pics of my pregnancies and I really regret that.

Lanie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Kandi said...

i'm so happy you posted these! i have been toying with the idea of doing my own maternity photos in my studio. because i simply do not trust another photographer to edit them to my liking. :) you did a beautiful job!

katherine marie said...

Look at YOU and that BABY!!!! What a blessing to have THESE photos to forever remember this journey. I only did maternity photos with Emerson when Randy was in Iraq. I wish I would have done it with ALL of my kids. You GLOW girl. These are forever a treasure. AND I wish I would have been able to get you in front of my lens when you were on vacation. Guess you'll just have to have a number FOUR someday!

Lora said...

These are great. I love the third one.

Chrissy said...

I love these! :o) My favorite prego pic of me is this one: I wish I would have done it with each pregnancy, I only did it with my third. That was three days before I had him!

Nessa said...

I really wish I would have had some shots taken of me when we were pregnant... these are gorgeous...

Christy said...

I love these! my favorite is the last one!