Wednesday, June 30, 2010

fun with cardboard

We had a couple of boxes lying around after my parents visited...
they brought us lots of good stuff,
which I promise I will share...someday!

So, what's any good parent to do?
Throw the box away? no.
Recycle the cardboard? eventually.
Store more junk stuff in it? yes.
Make something fun for the kids to play in?
after it was used for storage.

So, I decided to make the kids a car to play in.
Micah was mad at me throughout the process
because I wouldn't let him play in it.
He doesn't really like to wait.

Once it was finished and they decorated the car with markers
they were off on many adventures.
They went to church,
to the circus,
I'm pretty sure someone got married
(someone gets married everyday in our house)
and I think they even drove all the way to grammy's house.

Surprisingly the car is still alive...
but sorely neglected...
because of something else that has played the
BIGGEST trump card of ALL time in this house.
More on that later.
Here's the car. Yes, they are still in their jammies.
No, I will not tell you what time of day it was.


Cranberry Morning said...

What a fun post! I love seeing kids play with ordinary things, using their imaginations! Cute pics. :-)

Holly said...

What a fun idea! Can my boys come over and ride in your car? Wish we were closer so they could.

katherine marie said...

That's MY KINDA FUN!!!!!!!! How GREAT!!!!

A Lil Story said...

oh my goodness, how fun!! we used to do stuff like this all the time... hmmm, i think i know my project of the day! =)