Saturday, June 26, 2010

csn stores and a coming review

I was contacted by the promotions department
at the CSN Stores and was excited to hear they'd
like me to review their websites and a product...
and when I say websiteS is mean websiteS!

Over 200 stores to choose from.
What's a girl to do?
How in the world will I be able to choose just one thing...
VERY carefully!
Check back for a review coming to a screen near you!!!

Should I go with something practical?

something for me?

something useful?

something to help the kids learn?

or something really fun?

What would you get?
I know, there's LOTS to choose from!!!


katherinemarie said...

I say TREAT YOU! Something SPECIAL for the WONDERFUL MAMA!!!! I know it's so hard, we always want to buy for our kids and friends... but you deserve something my vote is for you to pamper YOU! :)

Dana said...

I also say treat yourself to something you would not usually get. You do so much for others - take this opportuiniy to do something for yourself. You are a wonderful person!