Friday, June 04, 2010

back to reality

We just got back from a long...awesome...memory filled
"get me out of the van" vacation.
I have no time to fill you in now but trust me it was great.
I have TONS of photos and stories to share.
In time...
I have a wedding (that I'm photographing) to prepare for!

Oh and Nf1andprek-whisper won the book giveaway! Congratulations!

Oh and here's a photo to tide you over till I get back...
my niece Kiley Joy!Please pray for little Kiley.
She's in hospital at 8 days old with high white blood cell counts.
We know she's in good hands but prayers are appreciated!


Cranberry Morning said...

That is a beautiful photo of the baby.

The worst part about coming home from vacation is dragging all that stuff from the van and all the laundry!!

stash mama said...

I am now a follower and I would love a follow back!
Thank you so much :)
btw you have a beautiful family!

Cakes & Beans said...

I am your newest follower- LOVE IT!! Happy Follow friday- come check us out too!!

Mrs.B said...

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Joy Tamsin David said...

What beautiful photos on this blog! I love it!

I'm following from the blog hop, and I'd love it if you checked out my site too.

I review Christian fiction.

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katherinemarie said...

She is so lovely. So beautiful. I will KEEP this precious one in my prayers!