Wednesday, June 23, 2010

amazing giveaway

You've got to check out the all-time best giveaway.
No, it's not here that you'll find it...
but just one little click and you'll be there.

So, I don't normally blog about other people's giveaways,
but this one is just too good to pass up and NOT get extra entries for.

This machine looks amazing!
And yes, the cricut is cool, but with the silhouette, it's like a printer,
you don't have to buy extra cartridges,
just hook it up to your computer!

So again, go enter and if you win be nice and invite me over to try it out!


Cranberry Morning said...

That is amazing! Almost makes me want to start doing paper crafts! I usually leave that up to my friend at creativeheartathome because she is so good at it! I'll send her over to the giveaway as well. Thanks.

Xenia said...

Wow, very cool! Good luck!

I'm visiting (and following) from New Friend Fridays - love your header, it caught my eye right away! Have a great weekend :)