Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tracer pages

I found these a while ago,
and then found them again
(well, because I was looking for them).

There are lots of GREAT homeschooling resources out there.
And I mean lots. So many you may not know where to start.
While we're still not 100% decided on homeschooling or not,
one thing is certain...Naomi needs things to do!

SOooo, why not teach her a thing or two while she's playing right?
Well, enter the tracer pages.
You know, dotted line letters, dashed lines and some arrows.
Well, doing the alphabet is great.
All kids need to learn how to write the alphabet.
But I found a site that goes a step beyond just the alphabet.

You get to put in the letters, write what you want, how you want to.
Either all lower case, all upper case or Title case.
I made lots of pages for Naomi with all three of her names.
Hopefully she'll be writing her name without tracer pages
by the end of the summer! (we'll see)
But seriously go check it out and have some fun!
Oh and there's LOTS of alphabet tracer pages too!


Anonymous said...

I make some in a big font for my kids and then put them in a page protector. They can use a dry erase marker on them and you can reuse them all you want. Only draw back is the marker + clothes. Make sure she's not in anything pretty. :)


MageeMommy said...

This is handy! Thanks!!!

I'm following and visiting from TrendyTreehouse's follow me friday. Hope you can stop by...